How to Create an S3 bucket in AWS Step By Step?

How to Create an S3 bucket in AWS Step By Step?

In this blog post, you will learn how to create an S3 bucket and upload an object to that bucket step by step.

What is S3 in AWS?

S3 is a scalable storage system by AWS that lets you store any type of file. S3 consists of buckets to store files. We need an AWS account to proceed further. Create a Free AWS Account

To Create an S3 bucket, Login to the AWS Management Console and then click on “Services” -> “Storage” -> “S3”, once you are on the S3 page you can see there’s a “Create Bucket” button to create a new bucket.

You can also navigate to S3 by searching “S3” in the top search bar in your AWS console.

Create S3 Bucket in AWS

Once you are navigated to Create Bucket page, You should fill the following fields to create the form.

Bucket Name: Bucket name is a unique name globally, think of it as a username for the bucket.

Region: AWS has many data center regions across the world. Select any region in which you feel that your web traffic is mostly dependent to improve the performance.

Object Ownership: Select ACLs disabled, AWS recommends users to select ACLs disabled. which enforces the following terms

ACLS disabled: “All objects in this bucket are owned by this account. Access to this bucket and its objects is specified using only policies.”

Leave the rest of the fields as recommended by AWS. Click the Create Bucket button at the end of the form to create the bucket.

List of Buckets in S3

Once your bucket is successfully created, you can see the list of buckets under the buckets menu by clicking on the menu in sidebar “Buckets”

Upload Objects/Files to your newly Created S3 Bucket

Click on the bucket name and then you can upload a file using the upload button at the top of the page.

Then, you will be redirected to the upload form where you can add files/folders by clicking the add files/add folder button.

Click the upload button once you have selected a file. Then you will be navigated to the page where you can see the list of files under the page.

Click the file to see the file details.

Allow Public Access to Bucket

By default, all the buckets are in private access. You can give the public access to the bucket/files by clicking on the Permissions -> Edit -> Uncheck block public -> Save Changes.

To make files accessible to the public, Select files from the uploaded list, and then in the “Actions” dropdown select “Make Public”. Now your files are accessible to the public.


In this step-by-step tutorial, You learned to create an S3 bucket in AWS. We went through the creation of the S3 Bucket using the AWS console in a step-by-step manner.

We also uploaded a file and made the object publicly accessible.