Mobile developer


Who is he

A mobile developer is a specialist who develops software applications for various mobile devices: tablets, smartphones. The profession is currently the most fashionable, promising and in demand. After all, it was in the field of mobile development that such interesting novelties as voice and gestures appeared.

What is the advantage to be a mobile developer

The advantage and uniqueness of the mobile developer profession is that everything depends on you: having an initially good idea and correctly translating it into the world of mobile technologies, without investing resources, you can quickly create an international project similar to Instagram and become a millionaire.

Mobile applications are extremely popular with entrepreneurs of different levels. If the application is relevant, convenient to use, functional and solves important problems of users, it significantly increases the number of customers and increases business profits.

Features of the profession

The functional responsibilities of the mobile developer are not clearly defined at the moment due to the youth of the profession. He has to be at the same time a designer, coder, programmer. In general, the activity of a mobile developer can be divided into several stages:

  • – preparatory period in creating an application – defining specific customer requirements in the form of a technical task;
  • – creation of a mobile application that combines such mandatory qualities as smooth operation on one of the mobile operating platforms (Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile), user-friendly interface, multifunctionality, customer profitability.
  • Pros and cons of the profession


Highly paid, sought-after profession.

The clarity of standards and guidelines greatly facilitate the design part of the work of a mobile developer. A guideline is detailed descriptions of elements in mobile applications, and for each platform they are their own.

The investment of resources for mobile development is small.


The policy of companies producing mobile devices does not allow the developer to quickly amend the application, as any action is checked by company employees. So, Apple is checking any updates during the week.

Picky users to the design and functionality of applications delivers many unpleasant moments.

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